In an attempt to crack down on the rise of graffiti crime, the City of Greater Geelong is being urged to ban spray cans through their “Ban the Can” project. With support from police who have made seven arrests in the first half of May, they believe banning spray cans will help save the city hundreds and thousands of dollars.
With retailers aware that spray cans are being stolen, there is a push to also lock all cans that are for sale in the region following the example of the City of Casey. The City of Casey in 2012 introduced laws that all retailers must store spray cans behind locks in order to prevent theft. Results have shown this does not affect sales volume.
It makes sense that if spray cans become unavailable or extremely difficult to obtain, graffiti vandalism should decrease significantly.
For now, the City of Greater Geelong’s best method of preventing graffiti is their rapid response time in removing the damage. Their aim is to have all graffiti removed within 10 days on council affected property. For privately owned properties they encourage all land owners to remove any graffiti as quickly as possible.
To help make the removal process of graffiti vandalism easier we recommend the application of an anti-graffiti coating, so that future attacks are easier to clean. Contact the Graffiti Eaters to find out more!