A recent graffiti spree through the streets of Mount Pleasant has outraged residents and resulted in numerous vehicles spray painted, costing the owners both money and inconvenience to arrange the removal.

You can read the full news article here: http://www.thecourier.com.au/story/3935325/graffiti-spree-targets-vehicles/

In unfortunate situations like this, Graffiti Eaters recommend:

Report to police as quickly as possible – as mentioned by the Ballarat Councilor, reporting the issue to the police is important to help efforts to apprehend the vandals, and reduce the likelihood of repeat offences.
Removal within 48 hours – the quicker the problem is tackled, the easier and more successful the removal will be. In addition, plastic trims, pin-striping, Perspex headlights, and covers should all be able to be saved, if addressed promptly.
Co-ordinate with your neighbours to have the graffiti removed from all of your vehicles on the same day, at the same location. This will enable you to have the problem tacked quickly, and more cost effectively.

The Graffiti Eaters provide an emergency service to assist in the prompt removal of graffiti off vehicles.