Outsourcing maintenance can be a difficult process for those who are not experienced in arranging this type of service. You may be concerned about choosing a provider who has a low standard of work, or a provider with a poor attitude to service. The following questions will enable you to weed out the pretenders and identify skilled maintenance providers in your area:

Do you have certifications from outside sources?

Professional organisations understand the value of these in many ways. Certifications provide a clear benchmark and hold you accountable to maintaining these. It’s critical that service organisations are audited by independent and trusted third parties because they provide an unbiased assessment (if a company has poor practices, these will be pointed out so that the company can rectify them).

In the maintenance world, safety is a key concern. Chemicals, machinery, working at heights, pedestrian and traffic management – the list goes on! A professional maintenance service provider will be accredited to and receive independent auditing to:

Quality Management ISO 9001
OH&S Management AS/NZS 4801
Risk Management ISO 31000

Do you have public liability insurance?

Following on from the previous point, safety is a key concern! If the service provider’s contractors don’t have public liability insurance and cause an accident on your premises which causes injury to you, your staff or your clients, you can then be liable. Professional service providers will have a $20 million public liability insurance policy covering all their employees.

Can you name a number of satisfied, long term clients? Preferably, a number of these should be in your area.

Your prospective service agreement provider should have no problem demonstrating several satisfied, long term clients. Service agreements are built upon trust. If the service provider cannot provide references it is likely they are not trusted to be used regularly or may have had their agreements cancelled by dissatisfied clients.

Is maintenance your core competency or do you deal in a range of different areas, e.g. recruitment, training etc.?

Someone who’s attempting to wear many hats may struggle to provide any of those services with excellence. When outsourcing tasks it’s in your best interests to select an expert for a professional result.

How many years’ experience do you have?

Outsourcing services does come with risks. Poorly conducted maintenance could injure an employee or customer. Maintenance services often require allowing access to your premises whilst you are not there, so finding a trustworthy provider is essential. Unscrupulous operators become exposed and are forced out of business sooner or later. Select a provider who has stood the test of time.

Can you demonstrate innovation in your field?

Leading firms don’t follow what the competition is doing; the competition follows them. Leading firms will strive to improve the quality of their work, and the efficiency and safety in how it is performed.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Asking this question gives a leading operator the opportunity to list their achievements. If the service provider has little to say to this question, or can only sell themselves based on price, it’s a clear indicator that they are just providing the bare minimum rather than being the expert you are seeking.

How would you handle a client who is dissatisfied with your work?

Successful service providers have a customer-first attitude and will offer to re-perform work if the client is dissatisfied.

As a maintenance agreement client, who do I contact for service calls and enquiries?

A maintenance service agreement should come with a personalised level of service; you shouldn’t need to waste precious time on a call centre queue! As well as the phone number of your local representative, an online job portal should also be available. Such online tools should provide for easy reporting on all work undertaken and collation of invoices and documentation.

What hours do you work?

The most suitable maintenance service provider for you is someone who can perform tasks during your quiet periods. For many, this will be either just before or after trading/operating hours. You need to choose a provider who has the flexibility and coverage to work around your operating hours.

The Graffiti Eaters are chosen by many of Australia’s largest organisations, banks, local government and schools throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Over 40 years’ in Graffiti and Stain Removal, we have kept ahead of industry changes and by undertaking continual improvement in all aspects of our business and work practices.

New technology such as our proprietary cleaning solutions and surface restoration vehicles have enabled us to keep abreast of the competition. By striving for perfection we became the first company in our industry to attain the four international ISO management standards. For your protection, all technicians are covered by a $20 million public liability insurance policy.

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