Get you factory ready for the new year and new business with a factory floor resealing makeover.
Simply Make Your Factory Floors and Walls Look Like New

Do you own a mechanic workshop?
Are you frustrated with staff putting oil in customers cars?
Are you worried about slipping hazards such as oil spills?

With the new year approaching why not start off on the right foot by giving your factory a fresh new look.

Doing this will create a positive environment for your staff and customers
Reduce the likely hood of a work cover claim
Eliminate stains getting into clients cars

Factory interiors take an industrial-grade beating every hour of every day, receiving abrasion traffic from pedestrians, forklifts, chemicals, and daily production.

When the team are away for a much needed break for Christmas, it’s the perfect time to fix and refinish floors and walls.

The fresh new look will make your business more appealing to customers as it shows you care and staff tend to keep the high standard you have set maintaining your professional image.

At the Graffiti Eaters, we have extensive experience fixing, cleaning, and refinishing factory floors.
We can remove:

Bird droppings
Flaky coatings
And more…

We take these five steps to ensure you factory floor resealing work is completed correctly the first time:

We clean your floor chemically to dissolve stains.
We thoroughly pressure clean the floor.
We vacuum collect all debris and waste water.
Crack repair is also part of the service: we professionally fill chips, low spots, and cracks.
We put down a new quality protective and decorative coating.

Every week, we receive calls from building owners who have trusted the cleaning of their property to inexperienced companies and the results have been disastrous.

The property owner ends up paying twice for the work – when a call to The Graffiti Eaters on 1300 305 307 could have had the job done right the first time.