The Graffiti Eaters can remove tyre marks out of any hard surface!
From residential driveways to commercial shopping centre carparks, even to cleaning factory floors…..tyre marks are a problem for many.

Using our specialised labour and equipment we can help resuscitate your driveways, carparks and footpaths and leave your property looking clean again! Using super-heated water under pressure and if necessary our range of proprietary chemicals our surface restoration technicians are able to remove tyre marks and all forms of rubber from any hard surface. During the process we of course keep environmental safety foremost in our minds and utilise market-leading techniques to ensure both your assets and the environment are kept in the best condition possible.

While we are at it we can remove and fade back oil stains, sticker marks and a variety of other stains commonly found from the driveway at home to the most heavily used industrial floors.

In addition we also offer a range of special coating formulas to bring your tired surrounds back to life and keep ugly looking stains at bay for much longer than the industry average. These include pavement sealing, factory floor coating and even our advanced range of anti-slip coatings. Future cleaning of these stains is also made much easier and affordable and we love seeing our clients happy faces when they see what a difference our rejuvenating cleaning and coating services make.