Did you know that you can have a special non slip coating applied to your concrete floor to prevent an injury at your workplace?
Minimise slips and falls at your home or workplace with Anti Slip Coatings applied to your floors!

Floors, driveways and walkways that are either uncoated or have been left to deteriorate can quickly become uneven and slippery and this means danger both at home and in the workplace.

Left untreated, these surfaces become hazardous and put you and those around you at risk.

At the Graffiti Eaters and Graffiti Eaters we can help to prevent slips and falls with our wide range of highly specialized anti slip floor coatings for any type of home or workplace.
We were recently engaged to apply our anti-slip coating around the work area of a manufacturing machine inside a warehouse for a major manufacturer of packaging goods.
They needed a solution to prevent any slip hazards at various points in their plant, as their floor is a High Polished Concrete.

The anti slip coating was strategically applied to save cost in areas where staff stand and move rapidly to control the machinery.
The result of the test were excellent, providing our client with the result they were looking for.
You can see below how it transformed the area around the machine. So to discuss your anti-slip needs call us!