Nobody likes having to deal with graffiti at their property and would prefer if it never happens. Unfortunately, there are many locations around the country where graffiti is a regular occurrence on commercial and residential property.

Acting quickly and having the graffiti removed soon after it has happened will help to deter the vandals and also ensure the best removal result.

Another important consideration for property owners that are faced with regular graffiti is investing in a quality anti-graffiti coating. These protective coatings could save you hundreds of dollars a year in graffiti removal costs and help to prevent any permanent damage to property from the graffiti or the cleaning process.

While there are many anti-graffiti coatings available on the market, there are basically two types of coatings to choose from.

Sacrificial Coatings

These are acrylic based coatings that are designed to seal the substrate once applied and stop the graffiti substance from penetrating into its surface. As the name suggests, when the graffiti is removed from a Sacrificial Coating, the coating also comes off the surface of the area. This process leaves the substrate clean and graffiti free, but also requires the re-application of the anti-graffiti coating in order to continue providing protection.

Sacrificial Coatings are usually best for areas that are not likely to get hit by graffiti vandalism very regularly.

Additionally, Sacrificial Coatings are highly suitable for surfaces like sandstone, wood, and heritage listed buildings.

Long Life Coatings

These are a solvent based protective coating and also seal the substrate once applied. However, during the graffiti removal process the coating remains intact, allowing for graffiti to be cleaned from the surface numerous times before re-coating is required.

Long Life coatings comprise a two-pack polyethylene base where the coating forms a hard finish that allows special cleaning solutions to be used. These cleaning solutions can dissolve and remove graffiti quickly without affecting the protective coating.

Long Life coatings can have a life of up to 10 years assuming they are maintained and cleaned correctly, allowing property owners to have graffiti removal regularly performed without risk to the surface being treated.

In order to get the best protection from an anti-graffiti coating, we recommend these are professionally applied to ensure that substrate moisture levels, mixing ratios and micron application thicknesses are correct for the product being used. This will give the protective coating its best chance of a long life and performance.

To find out more about protecting your property from graffiti, give our customer service team a call.