We offer a wide array of specialised cleaning solutions designed to treat and eliminate graffiti from various surfaces. However, we highly recommend using an anti-graffiti coating to protect your property from graffiti vandalism.

This becomes especially crucial in areas prone to extensive graffiti or if you have specific constructions like stone feature walls or painted murals that require protection.

There are numerous types of anti-graffiti products available, each tailored to safeguard different surface types. But with such a vast selection of coatings on the market, determining the best product for your needs can be challenging.

Essentially, there are two main types of anti-graffiti protection: sacrificial coatings and non-sacrificial coatings (also known as long-life coatings).

Sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings form a protective barrier on the surface, acting as a shield against stains. As the name implies, these coatings are removed during the cleaning process, taking the graffiti with them. Consequently, sacrificial coatings may require re-application or patch repair after each graffiti removal to maintain surface protection.

These coatings are particularly suitable for surfaces like sandstone, wood, and heritage-listed buildings. However, they are not well-suited for surfaces where the cleaning process could damage the original finish, such as painted walls.

Non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings typically need to be applied only once and can last for years, enduring multiple cleaning cycles due to their more permanent protective layer.

Though these coatings tend to be more expensive, they facilitate easier graffiti removal and offer prolonged protection. Long-life coatings can guard surfaces against graffiti penetration for up to 10 years, and graffiti removal can be carried out numerous times, often with a simple spray and wipe process, much like cleaning a window.

These coatings are ideal for concrete substrates, most natural stone, metal surfaces, and signage.

Within the range of these coatings, there are options that can remain invisible once applied or enhance the appearance of the surface. The choice of coating depends on various factors such as the surface type, budget, and the desired aesthetic outcome.

Our team can provide assistance in selecting the right product for your property, and our Technicians are proficient in handling the complete preparation and application process, including cleaning and graffiti removal in the event of an attack.