The use of Sandstone is common in public areas like parks, playgrounds and sports fields as it can easily be shaped and crafted to suit almost any application, and the natural look of Sandstone provides a beautiful finish that blends in with any environment.

However, as Sandstone is an incredibly porous substrate, it is very susceptible to stains and graffiti and can be almost impossible to clean as the stone often acts like a sponge and soaks in anything that comes into contact with its surface.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to apply a sealer to Sandstone that is exposed in public places in order to protect it from either deliberate graffiti vandalism, accidental staining, or dirt and grime build up.

The type of sealer used to seal Sandstone in such applications would depend on its location and the type of protection required.

For example, if the area is a high-risk location for graffiti, and this is the primary focus of the sealer application, then a different product would be used if the main focus was to protect the Sandstone from the elements and general stains.

Add to this, things like location, weather exposure and desired finish of the stone means there are a range of sealers and anti-graffiti coatings that can be considered for the job.

Once the correct sealer has been chosen for the specific application, the Sandstone needs to be correctly cleaned and prepared in order to allow the sealer to properly adhere to the substrate. By taking the time to get the preparation right, you ensure that the sealer will not only do the job required of it, but also last for many years.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we have not only been helping clients with graffiti and stain removal for many years, but also providing sealer and anti-graffiti application solutions in order to protect their property against un-wanted stains and graffiti vandalism.

Our team can provide the full service, from inspection and advice on the correct coating product for your situation, to the preparation of all surfaces and application of the sealer.

For more information on our range of services and products available, give our customer service team a call.