Graffiti vandalism can happen anywhere and vandals will use all kinds of marker pens or spray paint to leave their tag on property, leaving the owner with the cost of removing the graffiti.

In recent years anti-graffiti coatings that can be use on a wide range of surfaces are now changing the way people can protect their property and make the job of graffiti removal much easier.

One such example is the common garage door.

These are often the target of graffiti paint and marker pen attacks, particularly in inner city locations as they often face directly onto laneways making for an easy target.

Roller doors are manufactured with a surface coating which not only looks great but stops the metal from corroding.

When new, Colorbond finishes are strong and clean easily, however as the surface ages it oxidises and becomes increasingly more difficult to clean without damaging the finish.

A great option to help protect the finish of Colorbond and allow for easy graffiti removal without impact on the surface is to apply a Long Life Anti-Graffiti coating.

Anti-graffiti coatings will also help prevent Colorbond from chalking and oxidising, which will preserve its life span for many years and keep it looking good.

However, the right anti-graffiti coating must be used on these surfaces as the constant movement and flexing of the roller door as it opens and closes will cause some anti-graffiti coatings to crack and fail.

Our Technicians can give you the best advice and anti-graffiti solution for your needs and provide the complete preparation and application service to ensure the best result.

Once applied, a Long Life anti-graffiti coating will protect your property for many years and can be cleaned multiple times.

As there are many factors to consider when choosing an effective anti-graffiti solution, call our team that has over 40 years experience in graffiti removal and protective coatings.