Feature walls are a common design element on modern commercial and residential properties. These walls add a lot of individual style to areas like entrance ways and fence walls.

As these types of walls can be quite expensive to have built, it is well worth the investment to also protect them with a suitable anti-graffiti coating to protect the surface should they be the target of graffiti vandalism.

Stone feature walls in particular can be very difficult to fully clean due to the porous nature of stone and the un-even surface produced by the stones when set into the face of the wall.

Grout areas between the stones are also a very problematic spot to adequately remove any graffiti after an attack.

Careful consideration needs to be done with deciding what anti-graffiti coating is to be used on a stone wall, with a number of factors to be taken into account.

Things like the type and colour of the stone, porosity of the surface, how long the coating should last, is the wall surface likely to have issues with moisture from behind the stones.

Our customer support team and technicians are highly experienced when it come to choosing the correct anti-graffiti coating for these surfaces.

So if you have a stone feature wall you would like to protect, give our team a call to discuss the best option for you.