Graffiti Vandals regularly target signage, and signs can be extremely expensive to replace.

A quality long life anti-graffiti coating will protect a sign and extend its life by many years, not only from graffiti vandalism, but also water and dirt staining and UV degradation.

The team at The Graffiti Eaters have developed coating systems for the following types of signs:

  • Hand painted by sign writers
  • Computer cut vinyl on colour bond backing board
  • Digitally printed vinyl.

Graffiti removal is achieved with a spray and wipe cleaning procedure.

Call our team for a tailor made coating system to protect your signage requirements.

Avoid Costly Replacements

Protect your signage from expensive and unsightly graffiti using the latest and most effective anti-graffiti coating.

Graffiti vandalism is on the increase and the risk of your valuable building not just being tagged with a single word of graffiti, but totally covered is greater than ever before!

Insurance companies are starting to restrict cover for sites vulnerable to repeated graffiti attacks. So as the owner of a valuable asset, you need to be taking precautions to limit your risk profile.

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