New Technology, A truly invisible protective system in both sacrificial and non-sacrificial variants.

Are you looking for a protective shield to encase your valuable building and protect it from costly and permanent damage caused by graffiti vandalism, however you don’t want to see it?

Then you will be impressed with the appearance and performance of the new generation of Invisible coatings developed by The Graffiti Eaters.

The Facts:

  • Invisible appearance
  • 3 to 4 year life span
  • Safe to apply in public spaces
  • Suitable for masonry surfaces like brick, bluestone, sandstone, concrete and limestone
  • Cleaning times reduced by 45%
  • Cleaning costs reduced by up to 50%
  • Comes in two variants, sacrificial (replace after each clean) and non-sacrificial (replace after 5 cleans)

How Does It Work?

Masonry surfaces are extremely porous and soak up moisture and stains like a dry sponge.

The key to a good anti-graffiti coating is to provide a barrier on the surface that stops paint being absorbed in, but at the same time however allow the masonry surface to breathe and allow moisture to escape.

‘Graffiti Eaters Invisible’ incorporates unique properties that modifies the surface tension on masonry surfaces causing stains like graffiti spray paint to pool on the top of the surface unable to penetrate and soak into the porous surface underneath.

The Appearance:

Anti-graffiti coatings have been around for over two decades, however up until now they were always very visible on the surface often detracting from the natural appearance of the building.

Graffiti Eaters Invisible changes this…even our own qualified Technicians can have trouble spotting it on buildings and have to rely on our site database for application areas!

General Properties

  • Invisible Low sheen appearance
  • Brush, roller or spray application
  • Water cleanup (safe to apply in public spaces)
  • Replace after 5 cleaning cycles
  • 1 Coat required. Recoat, when graffiti removed 5 times and every 3 years

Suitable Surfaces

  • Concrete Render
  • Brick including ‘Old Red’ brick
  • Concrete
  • Bluestone
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Heritage Listed

Technical Information

In many cases, depending on the chemical base of the graffiti applied, no chemicals are required in the removal process saving time, money, OH&S and Environmental risk.

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