Glass protection for your property!

In addition to our range of wall coatings we also offer a unique anti-graffiti glass protection film to protect your glass from vandals with a cost-effective and easily replaceable layer.

This protection film can save thousands in glass replacement and comes with a lifetime product warranty covering removal, installation and replacement should the original film be affected by normal wear and tear.

Our anti-graffiti glass protection film is extremely energy efficient and provides you with a high tensile strength barrier on the outside of your surface, preventing graffiti vandals from damaging the original hard surface of your glass.

How Does It Work?

These coatings are 6mill thick and can be adapted for either exterior or interior purposes.

The protection film itself has many possible uses from vehicle windows to glass walls of office buildings, to bus shelters or other valuable assets highly visible to the public.

With glass surfaces such as bus windows and shopfronts becoming more frequently targeted by vandals the need for anti-graffiti window film is increasing and we have met this demand with this latest proprietary offering designed to prevent surface damage from vandalism such as scratches, permanent markers and graffiti.

The anti-scratch glass protection film allows easy removal and replacement when the vandals scratch into it and is a cost-effective solution to this type of vandalism.

One of the key ingredients in this type of protective coating is that for the majority of cases the vandals don’t even know the film is there and will not attempt to peel it off and scratch the underlying glass surface.

Suitable For Many Situations

Anti-graffiti glass protection film also has the added benefits of providing extra protection against extreme temperatures and UV radiation and the protective film is quickly growing in popularity on surfaces such as:

  • Buses and Coaches
  • Taxis
  • Private Transport vehicles
  • Shopfront Windows
  • Council and Corporate Offices
  • Petrol Stations
  • Warehouse and Retail Outlets
  • Pharmacies

Many of Australia’s largest retailers and organisations use our protection film to ensure their assets remain undamaged. Woolworths, 7/11, Kmart, NAB and Commonwealth Bank to name a few.

Find out how your property can be protected by speaking to a graffiti prevention expert today!