Innovative anti graffiti coatings are changing the way we manage graffiti and fast becoming a deterrent to graffiti vandals.

Graffiti vandalism can happen anywhere, at any time, and without notice. Vandals use a large assortment of pens, spray cans, and other highly visible markers to destroy property. The cost of removing graffiti can quickly run into the mid to high thousands.

When you need to protect your property, there’s often a tradeoff to be made. A tall fence may look unsightly, but it’ll protect your home from intruders and keep your dog inside. A fly screen door may not look stylish, but it keeps the flies and mosquitos away during summer.
Anti Graffiti Coating for brick and masonry

For many years, anti vandalism coatings were seen in the same light. Owners of new brick and render properties were put off by protective coatings which left their properties looking glossy and reflecting sunlight. Architects of modern office and apartment towers had to resort to CCTV to try and catch graffiti vandals. Owners of inner-city heritage listed properties felt that there was little they could do. They couldn’t put a shiny coating on their old sandstone house and wall, but they couldn’t leave it for vandals to ruin.

Fortunately, there are many anti-graffiti coatings that make it easy to protect buildings, signs and properties from graffiti abuse. In most cases, these coatings can make removal as simple as cleaning dirt off a window, restoring the feeling of safety and security.

Anti graffiti film coatings ensure that surfaces can be easily cleaned if/when graffiti ever occurs on them.

Anti graffiti coatings are an excellent strategy against vandalism because:

It doesn’t affect the appearance of your property
It drastically reduces graffiti removal costs
It speeds up the graffiti removal process
You can rest easy knowing your property is protected

Invisible Anti Graffiti Coating

After years of development, our engineers have developed invisible anti-graffiti coatings. They’re suitable for all masonry surfaces, even old sandstone and brickwork, and best of all, no one will ever know it’s there.

Retailers in high foot-traffic, graffiti-prone areas, have found that these coatings have reduced their cleaning costs by up to 50%! Many people don’t realise that hard masonry surfaces are actually very absorbent, much like a soft sponge. Graffiti doesn’t just sit on top of the surface, it sinks deep inside. That’s why abrasive methods like sanding don’t work on these surfaces – they actually cause more harm than good.

As masonry surfaces are so porous, they require a level of protection from graffiti. These coatings work by altering the surface tension. This creates a barrier which prevents porous masonry surfaces from absorbing graffiti paint. The graffiti sits on the surface, where it can be easily removed with warm water under high pressure.

There are two types of coatings available, depending on the risk of graffiti vandalism in your area.

Sacrificial coatings

Sacrificial coatings are suitable for lower risk areas, where a number of precautions have been made to reduce the risk of graffiti. The benefit to this approach is that once the coating has served it purpose, it can be removed and replaced, leaving no trace of the damage inflicted.
Non-sacrificial coatings

For those who frequently losing time and money trying to stop graffiti vandalism, non-sacrificial coatings can protect your property over time. They can withstand multiple graffiti attacks and enable graffiti to be removed quicker. Vandals will eventually give up and move somewhere else.

Anti Graffiti Protective Window Film for Glass

With glass surfaces such as bus windows and shopfronts becoming more frequently targeted by vandals, the need for anti-graffiti window film is increasing. Our latest proprietary offering is designed to prevent surface damage to glass and other delicate surfaces.

This new protective window film provides an invisible barrier on the glass, much like window tinting, to allow vandalism such as scratches, texta and graffiti to be easily removed. The anti scratch film allows easy removal and replacement when the vandals etch into it, and is a cost-effective graffiti and scratch protection solution.

One of the key benefits with this type of surface protection is that many times vandals don’t know the film is there. They will not attempt to peel it off to scratch the underlying glass surface.

Anti-graffiti window film also has the added benefits of providing extra protection against extreme temperatures and UV radiation.

The protective film is quickly growing in popularity for surfaces such as:

Buses and Coaches, Taxis, Private Transport Vehicles, Shopfront Windows, Shopping Centres, Council and Corporate Offices, Petrol Stations, Warehouse and Retail Outlets, Pharmacies and many more.
Anti Graffiti Coatings for Tilt Panel and Roller Doors

Roller Doors often receive regular spray paint and marker graffiti attacks as they face laneways and high traffic areas.

All steel roller doors are protected against corrosion from some sort of surface treatment. They may be galvanised, zincalume or be coated with a powder coated finish like Colourbond.

Colourbond also cleans well when new, however as it ages it oxidises and becomes increasingly more difficult to clean without leaving graffiti residue. If repeated cleaning takes place, it can also thin the Colourbond surface coating. After years of removing graffiti the Colourbond can wear through to the base substrate.

Long Life Anti-Graffiti coatings can be applied to Colourbond tilt panel and roller doors. Anti-graffiti coatings also prevent Colourbond from chalking and oxidising, preserving its life span and good looks. The right coating must be used as the constant flexing of roller doors in particular can cause anti-graffiti coatings to crack and fail.

We do not recommend anti graffiti coating galvanised or zincalume coated surfaces. They clean up well with the correct technique.
Anti Graffiti Coatings for Timber

Timber is a natural surface that retains moisture and expands and contracts significantly with temperature and moisture levels. Most anti graffiti coatings can’t expand and move to the same degree as timber and hence often crack and fail early. For this reason we do not recommend applying anti graffiti coatings to timber paling fences and rough sawn timber. Graffiti is better to be professionally removed off a natural surface.

However, smooth sanded, close grain timber (like that the type you are able to lacquer) can be coated with a long life anti-graffiti coating in some cases. Our experienced team of graffiti removal specialists will be happy to advise the best option to protect you timber surfaces.

Anti Graffiti Coating for Vinyl Signage

The evolution of digital printing has meant that your graphics can be easily printed and applied directly to your sign. However, they are still expensive to replace when graffitied and a tagged sign is not presenting your organisation in the best light.

Adding a quality, long-life anti graffiti coating will protect your sign and extend its life by many years. Our anti-graffiti coatings protect against graffiti vandalism, but also against the wear created by water and dirt stains and deterioration due to ultraviolet light. The coating system is invisible, and will not detract from the look of your sign in any way.

Once the Graffiti Eaters coating system has been applied to your vinyl sign, graffiti removal is achieved via a simple spray and wipe cleaning procedure!

If possible, the protective coating system should be applied prior to installation of the sign. However, as the photo below shows, it’s also possible to apply coatings to your signage after it has been installed.

Expert advice and the best range of anti graffiti strategies

There are many factors to consider when coming up with an effective anti graffiti solution. With over 40 years experience, the experts at The Graffiti Eaters have an Anti Graffiti solution to suit your situation.

Contact The Graffiti Eaters today to find out how we can help you combat vandalism in your area.