Applying an anti-graffiti coating or a sealer to surfaces is an excellent way to not only protect property against graffiti vandalism and make the removal of graffiti tags a much easier and effective task, but this process can also protect surfaces from dirt and grime build up, as well as seal out moisture which can be very important on things like natural stone.

As there are many different types of anti-graffiti coatings and sealer products available, and a large number of manufacturers producing them, it is vital that the correct product is used for the surface being treated as well as the reason for applying the coating in the first place.

Failing to make the correct choice can result in things like the coating not fully adhering to the substrate, which can result in a failed coating application and the product either peeling off or becoming very discoloured make the area look very bad.

It also may result in not fully protecting the treated surface against what the coating application was chosen for in the first place.

Another highly important step is the correct preparation of the surface, followed by the right application process and number of coats for the product being used.

Some coatings can change the look of the substrate by either making the natural colour darker, or the surface appears wet and glossy.

Yet another consideration is how long should the coating last under the conditions it will be exposed to. So the choice of either long life products or sacrificial coatings becomes an important factor in making the right decision.

As our team is highly experienced in all aspects of coatings and sealer application, we can guide you through this process and take care of all the preparation and application on your property.