We’re very proud of our efforts to apply anti-graffiti coating to a new bridge in Adelaide, using a barge on the water underneath the bridge. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Graffiti Coatings are an important part of protecting the new bridge assets from graffiti and other stains. This concrete bridge in Adelaide was built over water and the anti graffiti coating application was the last piece of the puzzle. Applying the coating with the correct micron film thickness is vitally important for its performance and life span. The perfect application required our technicians to be suspended over the side of the bridge and within 1 meter reach of all surfaces.

To achieve this safely and cost effectively, a barge was utilised to move along the water and maintain our technicians at the correct distance. Life jackets were part of the risk assessment together with over-spray management from the environmental perspective.

The anti-graffiti coating application took several weeks and was successfully completed with out any mishaps… or wet technicians!

For all your anti graffiti coating challenges in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane, The Graffiti Eaters have the experience and passion to make your project happen.