Unfortunately, accidents will happen, and often these occur in the middle of cement or paved areas, driveways and garage floors.

When spills from things like paint cans, oil containers or garden chemicals occur, it’s vital to act quickly to contain the spill and avoid it running into any drains.

This will then allow for the majority of the spilt substance to be mopped up and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

After this clean up process, the next step is to deal with the stain left behind from the spill. Depending on what was spilt and the surface affected, the clean up process will require the use of a suitable cleaning solution as well as careful pressure cleaning and waste water recovery.

All of these steps can be performed by our highly experienced technicians through the use of our fully equipped surface restoration vehicles.

In all cases, the most important thing is to act quickly and have the spill properly dealt with as soon as possible.

This will not only ensure that the mess is contained and removed, but the quicker the stain is treated and cleaned, the better the removal process will be as the spilt substance has less time to soak into the affected surface and dry.

We can take care of such clean up jobs on a large range of surface types and areas, and remove all waste material and dispose of offsite in accordance with EPA regulations.

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