Accidents happen, and unfortunately, spills like paint are no exception, and they tend to occur right in the middle of places like driveways, garage floors, and other cement-covered areas.

When spills go down from things like paint cans, oil containers, or garden chemicals, it’s super important to act fast. The initial goal is to prevent the spill from flowing into drains or spreading to other nearby areas.

Once contained, the next focus is on cleaning up most of the mess and disposing of it properly.

After cleaning up the bulk of the spilt substance, the next step is tackling the leftover stain and restoring the original appearance of the affected surface. This approach depends on what substance was spilt and what substrates require cleaning. In order to effectively clean and restore the area, a suitable cleaning solution and treatment process will be needed.

Our team of experienced stain removal experts can handle all these steps quickly and efficiently. We have specialised surface restoration vehicles that fitted with a wide range of cleaning solutions, pressure washing units and waste water tanks, making them ideal for spill clean up jobs.

In most spill instances the sooner you deal with the spill, the better. Not only does this contain the mess, but it also makes the stain removal process much easier. When the spilt substance has less time to soak into the substrate, it makes the clean up job much more efficient and helps to ensure the best possible result.

Whether it’s a major paint spill or just a few splatters, spilt liquids tend to soak deeply into porous surfaces like concrete, leaving behind a very stubborn stains.

Thanks to our specialised cleaning solutions and high-powered hot water pressure washing units, our team are fully equipped to handle spills and make sure no waste ends up where it shouldn’t.