Our environment is precious and we are as concerned about preserving it as you are!

Our team of trained Technicians is called on daily to solve some of our Nations most delicate environmental clean-up jobs that are required after industrial accidents.

We improve the environment by the nature of our work removing unsightly graffiti and cleaning up oil and paint spills. However we are also conscious of the foot print we leave behind.

We Care About Environmental Management

When you engage our team, your cleaning and coating challenge will be managed in accordance to the International Environmental Standard ISO 14001.

The waste products we produce in the course of our work are all analysed and recycled to minimise environmental impact.

Some of the environmental hazards we deal with on a daily bases include:

  • Waste water and storm water pollution
  • Vehicle Emissions
  • Paint application equipment clean up
  • Paint and Coating Wastage
  • Job management documentation
  • Noise pollution from equipment

It is important that you engage a service provider that is appropriately certified and experienced to protect and look after your Environmental moral and legal obligations.

What do you receive when you partner with The Graffiti Eaters to reduce your Environmental foot print?

  • You receive a service that is fully compliant with the Environmental standard AS/NZ ISO14001. Including compliance to (JEA) Job Environmental Analysis.
  • You receive documented evidence that the service you are utilising is being third party audited annually to ensure compliance.
  • You receive personalised site risk assessments for every one of your jobs that identifies all environmental hazards prior to work and documents the controls put in place complete with before and after job photographs.
  • These risk assessments and photos are all provided for you to access any time on the web via our unique and complimentary client web portal. This saves you considerable administration time and is your proof of your due diligence that will be there for 5 years! The reduced use of paper is also good for our environment.
  • Our Surface Restoration Vehicles are fully equipped trucks with waste water collection and holding tanks on board. Waste water is collected and utilised as grey water on garden beds.
  • Our pressure pumps are driven off the truck engines that are Euro IV compliant diesel engines that produce less noise and carbon emissions.
  • Competitors working out of light utility vehicles using noisy stationary petrol engines do not offer the same level of compliance.

Waste Water Collection

Our Surface Restoration Vehicles are equipped with large water storage capacity that means we are able to use reclaimed tank water more effectively over more job sites.

Waste water from cleaning operations is vacuum collected and prevented from entering storm water drains.

This reclaimed water is then utilised for watering garden beds.

Waste water from large industrial spill cleanups that are high in oil or paint content are processed through an EPA approved centre and the water reclaimed.