An amusing story out of Warrnambool this week, about a friendly war over a wombat!

Jimmi Buscombe, a local artist, had been hired by the City of Warrnambool to create a pastel mural. Out of practice, he decided to do a test mural on the bridge over the road from his house. The lifelike artwork of a wombat emerging from a hole was meant to be a temporary experiment, with Jimmi using chalk so he could wash it off later.

While he was drawing the artwork he was getting a good response from passing traffic, so he decided to leave it up for the weekend.

However when Phil Hoy, a former graffiti removalist for the City of Warrnambool, saw the artwork he decided the mural was too good to lose to the rain. Phil put on his high-vis vest and gave it a good spray of automotive clear coat, sealing the chalk drawing in for good!

PHOTO: ABC South West Victoria: Emily Bissland

Imagine Jimmi’s surprise when he returned on Sunday to find his temporary chalk drawing had become permanent! Unlike most graffitists, Jimmi became concerned that he had vandalised council property and increasingly became worried as he was unable to remove the ‘temporary’ artwork. He even got the metho out and tried his best to remove the artwork, but it wasn’t going to budge!

Fearing that he had inadvertently become a vandal, Jimmi fessed up to the local council who luckily decided the artwork could remain. Locals pointed Jimmi in the direction of Phil, and the two met up and shared a laugh over the situation!

The irony of the vandal trying to remove his illegal work, and the graffiti removal contractor making it permanent wasn’t lost on us!

Watch the full story here:

Painting a mural is one way that we have found to deter graffiti vandals; Jimmi has already received commissions to paint more murals in public places to deter unsightly tagging.

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