Bill Posters are often seen in major cities, stuck onto the side of buildings, fences and poles in areas of high traffic to promote events. In most cases these posters are adhered without the permission of the business or property owner, and are difficult to remove.

One poster attracts many

When one poster appears on your property and remains untouched, this sends an invite for others to adhere there posters on your wall. In the space of a couple of weeks, one poster can become ten!

If you don’t remove it, who will?

Bill posters are eager to place their posters on every wall across town, but when the event they are promoting is over, they won’t be back to remove their advertising!

Negative visual impact

Bills posted on your walls creates a messy appearance, especially as they wear and peel away due to exposure to the elements. Maintaining a professional appearance is vital, as many will judge your products, services and attitude towards your business by its appearance.

Attracts graffiti

Graffiti vandals are unlikely to go to the effort and risk of tagging a property if they believe the tag will be removed shortly after. Allowing posters to accumulate demonstrates that your property exterior is poorly maintained. If you’re unlikely to remove a poster, you’re also unlikely to remove graffiti.

Safety risk

Bill posters are often located on walls beside busy roads, creating a distraction for drivers which can lead to accidents. Regardless of whether or not you can be held liable, this is not something you or your business needs to be involved in.

Damage to the surface underneath

Bill posters are adhered using a wheat paste product which forms a strong bond with your wall. This can easily strip away a painted surface if not removed slowly and with care. Bill poster removal experts will apply hot water under pressure and use a cleaning solution which has been selected to suit the surface of the wall.

If your shop, office, warehouse or residential property has become the unfortunate victim of bill poster accumulation, The Graffiti Eaters can help you by:

Arranging necessary council permits
Providing safe management of pedestrians and traffic
Efficiently removing the bills – our surface restoration vehicles are equipped with water boilers to apply the required heated water, under pressure
Cleaning up perfectly – our vacuum recovery system ensures that there is no overspray and that waste product does not enter the waterways
Ensuring there are no stains – with 40+ years’ of stain removal experience, our technicians will remove any residual stains, bringing your wall surface back to excellent condition.

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