When your shop or office is vandalised time and time again, you probably start to ask yourself “why me?” For the majority of people who have never picked up an aerosol paint can in their life, and don’t understand the mindset of a graffiti vandal, this can be a difficult question to answer.

In most cases, graffiti isn’t a personal attack on yourself or your business. The vandal was probably going to paint their tags somewhere and the wall of your shopfront happened to be an attractive and convenient canvas.

Believe it or not, your property does have to fit a certain criteria for a graffiti vandal to consider it worthy of their time and effort. That’s why you don’t see graffiti on the front of every building, wall or piece of concrete.

These are 5 reasons why your business attracts graffiti:

Your property already has graffiti

Graffiti vandals thrive off being able to go back and see their work, or tell their friends about it. That is why you often see graffiti in hard-to-reach places such as on the side of a bridge, or the top of a tall warehouse. By not removing graffiti as soon as it appears, you’re simply inviting more graffiti. Remove graffiti within 48 hours and you are ensuring there is no reward for their risk – they will have no reason to return.

Your property is poorly maintained

It’s fair to say that a property which is worn, falling apart and clearly has not received any maintenance for months, even years, is less likely to receive maintenance after an incident of graffiti. Ensure buildings, fences and other structures are not falling apart, paint surfaces which appear faded or old, maintain gardens and prevent them from overgrowing and keep the area free from litter. Buildings which remain vacant for long periods can suffer from a lack of maintenance and combined with other factors they attract graffiti and other forms of anti-social behavior.

There is a low-threat of being caught

Most graffiti vandals choose the easier targets where they feel less likely to be caught. Quiet side streets, laneways, areas with poor lighting and industrial areas at night or on Sundays are often targeted.

If your business is located in such an area, there are preventative measures you can implement. Lighting, sensor lights, security cameras (or at least dummy cameras) will make it difficult to go unnoticed. Clear signage which indicates 24 hour video surveillance, security patrols and guard dogs will also increase the perception of risk.

You provide a clean, blank canvas

Clear, solid-colour walls with smooth surfaces, are a sitting duck for graffiti. Walls with small bricks, particularly with uneven textures and different colour tones make it so difficult for graffiti to stand out that hardly anyone would bother trying. Full-span murals, or plants such as hedges or creeping vegetation are also useful strategies.
When constructing a fence, choose a design with many gaps and little physical material to paint.

You fail to report it

If no one reports graffiti, it is highly unlikely the perpetrators will be caught. If the perpetrator gets away with their crime, they are likely to conduct it again. You may not know who did it, and may not have video surveillance, however someone else might have seen it, some evidence may have been left behind or the police may link it to other graffiti incidents. Graffiti vandals often tag in multiple places so when one criminal is arrested a burden is removed from the whole community.

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