When graffiti vandals strike, anyone can become a victim to their property damage. This is unfair for the victims who end up paying to remove damage that is from no fault of their own!

The Ipswich City Council has become so frustrated with constant graffiti vandalism of residential property, they are offering a $4000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of these criminals.

Unfortunately, those who do not act upon this vandalism quickly often become repeat victims, as this sends a message to vandals that their graffiti is unlikely to be removed and will stay there for everyone to see. Removing graffiti as soon as it appears will deter any further vandalism as it will be seen as a waste of time with little reward for the risk being taken.

A business in Moranbah has been the victim of graffiti tags which are more than 15 metres long, covering the length of the large warehouse. This mindless act would have only taken a few minutes to conduct, but would take hours to carefully remove. If this is not removed fast, it will reflect poorly on the appearance of the business and encourage further acts of graffiti.

Recently the Benalla College was subjected to graffiti tags and obscene pictures being painted across the campus. Not only does this waste time and money that should be focussed on educating children, it could encourage impressionable teens to conduct graffiti vandalism (most graffiti takes place from teenagers and those in their twenties).

To reduce further cases of graffiti, the community needs to work together to take quick action against these criminals. Here are four tips for keeping on top of graffiti on your community:

Graffiti needs to be removed as soon as possible to discourage further incidents.
The police should be notified and provided with any information that could lead to the arrest of these vandals.
Businesses, schools and those with large single-colour fences and walls should consider implementing murals (businesses and schools could paint a large picture of their logo). Graffiti vandals will look for a large, blank canvas – if there is a way of turning such an area into something tasteful with a pattern or different colours, it will be far less likely to be targeted.
Many businesses and residents in areas of frequent graffiti vandalism also invest in anti-graffiti coatings on their walls and windows. This prevents graffiti from being absorbed beyond the surface, so that it doesn’t cause permanent damage and is easier to remove.

If you are the unfortunate victim of graffiti vandalism, or would like to make your property graffiti-resistant, contact the Graffiti Eaters today!